How to keep wood like the first day

Currently, most of the objects we have in the home are made of wood. And with the passage of time, the most common thing is that it deteriorates and takes on a different appearance than it had at the beginning.

We like to bet on wood because it is a renewable, ecological, organic and most economical resource. It is a noble material, it is of plant origin, one of the raw materials most used by man over time, and it continues to be a trend as before. It is that it is impossible to reject the beauty of wood that gives our home a cozy and warm touch to the room.

For sale we find infinite treatments that will help us take care of the wood. Likewise, we can apply home remedies that are mostly 100% impeccable.

It is important not to forget that wood, being a natural material, changes over time. Wood ages, it is not a bad thing, on the contrary, aged wood is widely used in decoration and the veins and marks of this material hide stories that give life to the furniture we make with it. Wood needs maintenance that our furniture occasionally receives and that is essential for them.

So that the vinyl record furniture look like the first day, we will leave you some tricks to keep the wood surfaces in good condition.

Vinyl record furniture over time picks up dust that modifies the tone of the material if we don’t do the proper maintenance: We leave you three “tips” with olive oil (EVOO) that will make your furniture shine spotless.

  • Oil and alcohol: This mixture helps us to cover the scratches caused by the use of the furniture.
  • Oil and lemon: We use half a cup of lemon juice, and another half cup of olive oil, we clean the furniture with a damp cloth with this balm.
  • Oil and wine: After using this mixture we recommend passing a cloth with glycerin, this will form a protective layer and make the shine last longer on the wood.
We also recommend:
  • Use a cloth (microfiber or cotton) slightly moistened with water only.
If you want more cleaning, moisten the cloth with warm water and neutral soap, just a few drops. Then don’t forget to rinse it well.

  • To maintain the attractiveness of the wood, its grains and textures clean in the direction of the grain and without rubbing.
  • We must dry our furniture for vinyl records very well with a dry and soft cloth so that the wood does not pick up moisture.
  • If possible, clean your furniture every day.
  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun. Heat deteriorates waxes and varnishes, thereby causing color and gloss variation.
  • Avoid humidity.
  • Ammonia and chemical products are prohibited. Being abrasive, they end up removing the color and shine of the wood. And if it is varnished, we also do not recommend cleaning it with products containing solvents or acetone. Since these are enemies of natural wood.

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