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Bespoke furniture for Vinyl Records

Our experience as designers means you’re in good hands as you design your ideal piece of furniture for your collection or adapted to your sound equipment and turntables. We advise you on the material to use, we draw up 3D plans so that you can see how your final piece of furniture will look like. We make furniture for private homes, music studios, shops or DJ tables.

Bespoke furniture for you


Vinyl furniture can be customized with the choice of dimensions, materials and colours. Or you can take inspiration from the original Vinylum models. You can integrate all your equipment in one piece of furniture, and fit it into the decoration of your living room. We make sure that wiring is hidden and amplifiers are properly ventilated. Or if you need them to be in a rack. Place the turntable on the piece of furniture or put it away while you are not using it to stop the dust getting in. Email us, tell us what you need and we’ll put a design together.


With a design vision, we always create furniture for vinyl records adapting to the equipment it will house. Our ambition is to improve the storage of vinyl and the position of the turntable, as well as to sublimate the sound, hiding the technical elements (wiring, amplifier). The acoustic work is done by working the materials in a specific way: perforation, ventilation, installation of a box…


Vinylum Warehouse sees the vinyl record furniture as centrepieces in any living room, designed for turntable, hi-fi equipment and vinyl collection storage, and, of course as a key element of stylish interior decor.
The decorative and practical dimensions of a vinyl record cabinet are undeniable. We design and manufacture our furniture models for vinyl records in our workshop in Barcelona.


At Vinylum Warehouse we create custom furniture for vinyl records. We are manufacturers with a great experience in the use of wood to create furniture for turntables tailored to the needs of each of our customers.
We know audiophiles prize their equipment over anything and that’s why we make furniture that shows it off.

Attractive designs.
Our custom vinyl furniture combines the best design to enjoy the specialised sound you get from vinyl. We create furniture for both homes and studios and our goal is to make it fit naturally with the rest of the decoration and integrate the Hifi equipment, the turntable and vinyl records. All this with a design that allows to hide the wiring system for a more aesthetic result.

The furniture for custom vinyl records that we make at the Vinylum Warehouse are designed specifically for each client. You tell us what you need and we take care of design and creation of the perfect custom piece for records.

You can choose the dimensions of the furniture, the materials and the colours. You can opt for furniture decorated with industrial touches or vintage-style furniture: the choice is in your hands. In addition, we offer original models from our collection, such as the BOX, a box for vinyl with a robotic appearance; RACK, made of birch plywood; or UNIT, designed with a black fibreboard with birch plywood, for example. We can make these models in single version 7 inches on request.
But our star product is the CABINET range, with two options to choose from: a unit for vinyl record storage, or for vinyl storage and placement of your turntable and amplifier. It is available in options from 2 to 8 drawers, always varnished with the best products and available in different shades. These products from our collection can serve as inspiration for our customers and start designing their custom furniture from the options available in our catalogue.

Custom furniture for vinyl records.
At Vinylum Warehouse we adapt all the custom furniture to the HI-FI equipment. For this we use our vision in the world of design to create furniture adapting to the sound equipment that it houses. Our goal is to store vinyl records and place turntables in the best way possible.

Custom furniture for decoration
The design of custom furniture for vinyl records does not only have a functional goal for vinyl lovers. This furniture can also become a centrepiece in your living room as a high-quality decorative element for the interior of your house.

It is high quality, designer furniture that our customers can display wherever they wish and enjoy a custom-made and personalized furniture for their vinyl collection and their turntable.

All the custom furniture for vinyl records that we make at Vinylum Warehouse are designed and manufactured with the utmost care in our workshop in Barcelona. Our expert craftsmen carry out each job according to the requirements of each client and use only the best materials available to achieve maximum satisfaction.

At Vinylum Warehouse we offer you the possibility to request a quote for the custom-made furniture for records that you have in mind. You just have to get in touch with our team through the web form or the rest of the contact channels that we put at your disposal to tell us your idea and get that piece of furniture for your vinyl collection that you have always wanted to have.

At Vinylum we believe furniture for vinyl records should be made with diggers in mind, and furniture for sound equipment with audiophiles in mind.