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Store your records in a bespoke cabinet. Designed for diggers, audiphiles, collectors…
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Add modules as you grow your collection.
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Rack to separate vinyls, Frame to show the disc that is playing, dividers to order and custom skaters designed to your exact specifications.
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For record stores, your living room or studios. Adapted to perfectly fit your turntable or your amplifier.

Furniture for vinyl records made in Barcelona

They are designed so you can easily find just the record you want to listen to. These storage units are built to last. The drawers have a cushioned closure and counterweight so that your cabinet does not tip over when you open your packed drawers. The legs protect the furniture and your vinyls will not be in contact with the floor. The design and selection of shades of varnish will suit any décor.

The notches in our furniture are used to be able to pull the drawers without the need for a handle, and to be able to pick up the records when they are with their spines, and the most important thing is that they do not cover the disc biscuit or the cover.


The best way to look at records is from the front in the classic milk crate. Many records do not have the name on the spine and that's why record stores arrange them in bins. At Vinylum we design the furniture using the record store approach so that each record is easier to find.


Although we can also make our furniture with any solid wood on request, we make them with birch plywood board, since it offers greater physical qualities to withstand the weight of your records for many years. Our process is sustainable, we use less energy so we are helping to preserve the planet. So using plywood board we reduce our carbon footprint and fight against global warming.


Each piece of furniture is sanded, assembled and varnished by hand. We apply a wood protector for exteriors before varnishing them, with this we get that the wood is protected from the inside for as long as it protects your record collection. Then we give it a varnish so that it is protected against bumps and scratches which leaves it silky smooth to the touch. We only use solvent-free water-based products, so our products more environmentally friendly


The entire process: sanding, varnishing and assembly is completely artisanal.


The entire design and manufacturing process is done in Barcelona, with local / proximity workers and logistics.


We also make custom furniture for your Sound System and turntable.


They are designed so your records are easy to find. Sturdy and resistant to support the weight of your collection.


Custom skaters, Racks to separate records, Frame to show the cover of the album that is playing or display it as if it were a painting.

Our furnitures

Handmade designer furniture with sustainable finishes




Box Palisandro



Box Vintage

Natural wood



Natural wood



Natural wood


Cabinet Palisandro

Natural wood


We work with local suppliers and our manufacturing process is manual, piece by piece, which makes our furniture unique, unlike mass production workshops.
The question often arises as to how different it is to listen to music on vinyl records. Well, Nikki Sixx, American bassist for the band Mötley Crüe, couldn’t explain it better when she said: «I remember opening up my first vinyl and seeing the incredible artwork it had. There’s nothing like it. You also get that true gritty sound on vinyl that really makes a record sound great, which CDs can never achieve«. Or what is the same: “I remember opening my first vinyl and seeing the incredible artwork on it. There is nothing like it. You also get that real gritty sound on vinyl that really makes a record sound great, something CDs can never achieve.”

How many vinyl records do you think were sold in Spain in 2020? Nothing more and nothing less than 1.2 million, and that there was a pandemic involved. And in other countries, such as the United States, sales increased by 108% compared to the previous year, managing to sell 19.2 million records.

But… how many of these vinyl records will be in a safe place, keeping intact? We do not have figures for this, although it is certain that they are not all that have been sold. Here’s what you can do to be one of those people who stores their records properly and preserves sound quality forever.
Who to trust your vinyl records? Some tips to keep in mind are to keep them in a clean and dry place, in an upright position, avoiding extreme temperatures as well as humidity, and out of direct sunlight and high temperatures. But the ideal is that you find a cabinet for vinyl records that suits you. That is why at Vinylum Warehouse we have a wide variety of models, all elegant, with great care and detail, and handcrafted. Despite being vintage furniture, which is what they are mainly characterized by, great use is made of technology, innovation and imagination.

This online store for vinyl records is a design studio based in Barcelona that specializes in commercial interior design, furniture design (which is functional, sustainable, made from natural and eco-friendly woods) and carpentry.

As if all these reasons weren’t enough to trust us with the good care of your vinyl records, it should be noted that we combine design, creativity, innovative materials and excellent finishes, and we work using the most innovative design techniques. For example, CNC cutting or parametric design, all combined with manual and artisan carpentry work.

What options do you have for storing vinyl records? Vinylum Warehouse offers you unique and personalized vinyl furniture for many occasions, all elegant and handmade, depending on the needs. Here you will find diversity of prices and furniture.

  • FRAME, vinyl frame FRAME is our most economical artisan furniture. With capacity for 1 disc, it imitates a painting, as it hangs on the wall, thus exposing musical tastes to everyone you invite home. The material is varnished birch plywood and transparent methacrylate.
  • RACK, cabinet for vinyl RACK is one of the most versatile vinyl furniture you will find. It can be placed anywhere: on the floor, on a piece of furniture, etc. Its capacity is 20 discs and you will only have to put together four pieces.
  • UNIT, modular cabinet for vinyl UNIT is the ideal turntable and vinyl cabinet if you are looking for one that suits you and your needs as you grow your vinyl record collection. A UNIT holds 80 discs, but you can give it the size and shape that you like the most by joining several until you have your perfect shelf.
  • BOX, vinyl box BOX is a piece of furniture with the appearance of a robot but, of course, with its vintage varnishes. That is to say, something of the most original while preserving its classic appearance. It is a box for vinyl where 100 of them fit.
  • CABINET, cabinet with 2, 4, 6 or 8 drawers CABINET has two vinyl drawers, but can have four, six, or even eight drawers. In this cabinet for vinyl there is more space than in the previous ones, and take special care that the search for records is easy, since you only have to look at the covers to find the vinyl you are looking for. In addition, the space of this piece of furniture is such that you can store the turntable and the amplifier in the upper part.

How to clean vinyl records? While it is true that what is really important is that the records are well stored, for example in the furniture for vinyl music that we have mentioned before, a minimum cleaning must be taken into account that will guarantee their good condition.

You have to be careful when handling the discs, avoiding grabbing the grooved surface with your fingers. Always touch the labeled part or the edge. Otherwise, it may be damaged and eventually negatively affect the quality of the disc.

You can also follow two cleaning methods. Dry, which consists of dry brushing before and after use. And wet cleaning, which is recommended to be carried out from time to time and can be done either by hand or with a specialized machine. If you want to know more about these methods and how to properly clean vinyl records, here we expand.

In conclusion, we can say that the care of vinyl records is essential. Not only so that they look pretty, but also so that they do not lose the quality of the sound that makes them so special. To do this, we can clean them properly, how and when needed, and with the right products.

But it is also important where and how we place them. This is what Vinylum Warehouse’s handmade turntable and vinyl cabinets are for, where they will be vertical (placing them horizontally is criminal, and even more so if we stack them on top of each other), safely stored and it will be easy to locate each of the records . Its vintage finishes are combined with the most innovative techniques and the latest materials, to give the room a most elegant touch.